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Videography Prices | Chicago production rates from Vanilla Video

Video production rates per videographer.

Fully-equipped videographer + 30 minutes of setup.

Design your own videography package  

Step 1. Coverage

How long is your event / production?

Hourly + FREE Travel **

Build your own production

‡ Certain dates (weekends especially) subject to wailisting based on availability & demand.

Daily + FREE Travel ** †

For short-term productions

Monday Discount

On a budget? Do it Monday.

Multi-Day Dedicated ‡

For long-term productions

‡ One of our videographers will be dedicated to your project for multiple days, up to 10 hours each day. Must provide at least a 1-hour lunch break on days longer than 7 hours.

** Includes travel to single location within 40 miles of Chicago, IL. Additional locations within 2 miles are complimentary. Additional locations over 2 miles, and less than 40 miles, are $29 each. Does not include parking / cover fees. † Event coverage over 6.25 hours must provide a vender meal. Production customers must allow for 1-hour lunch break, no meal required.

One Videographer.

Dedicated to your production — with full access to our video resources.

Do you need a fully dedicated videographer for an extended period of time? We’ve made it easy to forget about individual video pricing and think big-picture.

Ideal for: Long-term, large-scale, or complex productions that require ongoing relations with a single video professional.

Ordering a dedicated videographer gets you one of our video experts for 40 hours per week. Our videographer has unlimited access to video equipment, editing suites, and our resources to get your production done.

Great for planning productions in 40 hour work weeks. Ask us for assistance when planning to use a dedicated videographer.

Step 2. Optional Customizations

If you’re not sure — skip this step.

Editing Rates Reset

Standard events

Advanced Add-ons Reset

Add to any project

1 Daylight balanced. 2 Requires script 72-hours prior to filming. 3 May require additional setup time. 4 Button down long-sleeve shirt with dress pants.

Production Add-ons

Production / advanced orders

Requires additional setup. Scriptwriting, ideation, storyboarding, and talent casting are billed as our full-day consulting rate of $459 per day, or $1,899 per week. This rate is not divisible.

Need help? Call our videography team (866) 948-4336 — Press 1.

You can email us about pricing too. Choose the easiest method of contact for you.

  • Affordable Pricing.

    Employees are paid hourly, so we can’t negotiate / discount prices. Don’t worry though — we have some of the most competitive rates available.

  • Coverage Time.

    Please remember that coverage is time-based billing — from start-time to end-time. You may create multiple coverage times to save money.

  • Length of Footage.

    Please keep in mind that video will be shorter than coverage time — unless the event is non-stop, continuous (e.g., presentations, ceremonies, speeches).

  • Multiple Videographers.

    We have a team available for handling small to mid-sized video productions. If you require a crew larger than 5 team members, please contact us.

  • We can do Anything.

    No matter what you’re looking to do, we can handle it. Our video consultations page has additional info.

Step 3. Delivery

Online / Mail.

FREE next-day, digital downloads.

You always receive everything we film.

  • (1) 720p Specs, (2) 1080p Specs, (3) Up to 500 GB of Data on a portable HDD. (4) 3 copies; TV Playable Discs (5) Up to 25 GB Data.

Total Price: $99+

Add-on selection requires manual review.

Your selection includes the following:

  • One Vanilla videographer
  • One HD / Broadcast quality camera
  • Online digital download within a few days
  • 30-minutes early arrival / setup time
  • Dedicated phone / email support
  • Everything we film
  • Up to 40 miles travel from: Chicago, IL
  • Learn how ordering works →

Build a videography package