Q36 Creative | Giorgi Narimanidze
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I’m Giorgi,
Camera Operator
at Q36 Creative.

About me
Work Experience

My name is George. I’m a camera man.

I’m from Georgia, blessed country of art, strong traditions and wine. Since I was a little kid I was hooked up with camera.
My love and interest for photography has grown into a passion for cinematography. When I was a student, I was honored to work as a camera assistant with the great masters of cinematography of Georgia. I also shot several short films and TV commercials – and starred as a protagonist in a few of them. That period was very difficult for my country. Political strife turned a beautiful city into a hungry, dark and suffering piece of land. Shooting real stories at this time was an unforgettable experience which we proudly shared at cinema festivals in different countries.We were sharing our history through the lens.

I moved to New York in 2004. I was ready for change and whatever adventure I could find. I started to built my new life founded on my life experience and social skills. I had a Master degree in Technical engineering and I found a job in that field. I spent almost all all my savings on video and photo equipment. I was eager to start shooting again and I was in one of the best places in the world – New York, the city of big opportunities and dreams. I made new friends and new connections and little by little I began to approach my dream. Along with a lot of events, presentations, theatre performances and concerts, I shot a few music videos and several commercials for big companies.

Under incredibly unexpected circumstances I met a guy who once more changed my life. I believe that there are no random encounters or coincidences. Everything has a reason. I met Tracy Allan, a high-end professional with big experience who believed in me and brought me to the new level: level Q36 Creative.

I love to spend free time with my family, take pictures of my kids and ride bikes with them.

What I’m Best At
Skills & Expertise

  • Camera Operator
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Expert in Mingrelian
  • Lover Of All Things C100

What I Love
Interests & Special Skills

  • My Family
  • My Kids
  • Riding Bikes With My Kids
  • Eating Khachapuri